Vivica A. Fox’s new book Every Day, I’m Hustling, features details of her intimate relationship with ex-boyfriend 50 Cent, who dated the star 14 years ago.

In the book, Fox describes her sex life with the Queens rapper as “PG-13,” with the Independence Day actress taking the lead in the bedroom.  The man himself responded asking why his ex chooses to speak of him years after the breakup.

He later doubled down on the sentiment, saying Fox’s behavior would be considered “crazy” if she were a man who spoke about his sex life with a woman from 14 years prior.

“Not after 14 years! No! If a n*gga showed up saying, ‘you got some bomb a** pu**y after 14 years,’ 14 years? You [would’ve] called the police on a n*gga. Called your brothers and told your brothers to jump the n*gga…Girls act like it ain’t nothing when they do some sh*t like that, but if a guy do something like that? C’mon…you’re going to look at him like, ‘something is wrong with him after 14 years!’”

Check out 50 below.

Does he have a point?