Chicago-based teacher Dwayne Reed goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Reed, who is a fifth grade teacher at LEARN Campbell Elementary, created a nice little welcome letter in the form of a music video for his incoming class last year.

The video was such a hit that it inspired Old Navy to develop the ONward! music project as well as finding other awesome teachers to create songs.

This fall, Reed will enter his first year of teaching fifth grade at LEARN Campbell Elementary. With his new song, “Welcome Back to School,” Reed will not only provide a sequel to “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” but he will also inspire students at his charter school and beyond.

“He engages his students through original rap songs and has coined his musical style ‘Urban Disney,'” a press release announcing the initiative states. “In addition to penning his own lyrics, Reed helped develop many of the other songs on the ONward! album, working closely with several of the teachers selected from all around the country.”

Each video includes important messages meant for the next generation. The title track, “ONward!” was created by Cedric Gardner, a youth specialist and professional dancer from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee.

And check out Reed’s hit, “Welcome Back to School,” below.