During the holidays, we sometimes need to do our research before attempting an elaborate meal. However, it may not the time to get experimental. Social media has been a extremely helpful and inspirational platform to learn from different creators and learn about food traditions, new recipes and techniques.

Whether you are looking to perfect your spatchcock handiwork before preparing the turkey this year or simply wanting to satisfy your inner foodie, check out these talented Instagram creators and the recipes they’ve curated to inspire any holiday essentials menu.

Angela "The Kitchenista" Davis


Black culinary influencer Angela "The Kitchenista" Davis posing in kitchen

Based in Detroit, Angela Davis first coined her status as The Kitchenista in 2012. A decade later, she has become one of the most popular, intentional and innovative chefs on social media. From being a part of #duckfatgang to showing off recipes that her daughter has the final stamp of approval on, Davis carries a certain type of swag into the kitchen that many try to imitate but definitely cannot duplicate. The Kitchenista generously shared recipes for each of her creations on social media but also has several volumes of The Kitchenista Diaries, including a holiday recipe collection, available for purchase.

Recommended recipes from The Kitchenista for the holidays: smoked duck, smoked cranberry sauce, baked sweet potato topped with baked mac and cheese

Samo Frais


Black chef Samo Frais, a top black culinary influencer
Image: YouTube/@samofrais

There's something about the way that Chef Samo cooks that feels sensual, warm and tailored just for you. This creator has attracted great acclaim for his unique recipes coupled with flattering camera angles and perfectly pair background tracks. His reels are so entrancing, you're sure to up your skills just by re-watching them back to back.

Recommended recipes from Chef Samo for the holidays: lamb chops, cinnamon rolls and stuffed chicken breast

Cordarrius Green


Cordarrius Green a black chef influencer to follow on instagram

If you can't be excited about the food that you make then who else will? Chef Cordarrius Green provides a variety of slow-cooked recipes that leave our mouths watering. As a new dad and recently published author, he knows the importance of catering to others and is sure to be a resource to tap into this holiday season.

Recommended recipes from Cordarrius Green for the holidays: bacon and pimento cheese loaded mashed potatoes, collard greens and spiral ham.

Courtnee Futch


Courtnee Futch a top black culinary influencer and black food blogger

With a southern flair and experimental touch, Courtnee Futch is definitely someone to check out this holiday season. An author, culinary storyteller, podcast host and former contestant on the reality cooking show Chopped, Futch has a bevy of recipes to help ease feelings of homesickness, to woo a new bae or just love on oneself.

Recommended recipes from Courtnee Futch for the holidays: honey buttermilk cornbread, "Stroke of Genius" bourbon cocktail and salted bourbon peach cobbler.

Nigel K. Kabvina


Nigel K. Kabvina black culinary creator and black social media influencer posing with drink
Image: Instagram/@sxmplyni.

Food has never looked so good. Crafting "simple" yet delicious plates with a gorgeous view overlooking a city makes for reels that appease each of the senses. Merging his Malawian background with flavors from the UK, the debonaire influencer has a variety of recipes that anyone can try and be successful at.

Recommended recipes from Nigel K. Kabvina for the holidays: surf and turf, beef stew and sweet potato pancakes.

Shanika Graham-White


Shanika Graham-White vegan friendly black culinary influencer poses with croissants
Image: Instagram/ @orchidsnsweettea_

Shanika Graham-White mixes vegan friendly options into the dishes she creates. Although Graham-White expertly showcases the prep that goes into main dishes, her reels provide the comfort, encouragement and confidence that we can do the same.

Recommended recipes from Shanika Graham-White for the holidays: whole jerk chicken, creamy stovetop mac and cheese and vegan sweet potato pie.