Graduation season is here, and so are all the feels. Being able to successfully tackle the mountain that is academia is an achievement in itself, and deserving of so much celebration. So mark the momentous occasion with a special token that'll symbolize the hard work and growth that the special Black grad in your life put in—one that they'll remember and cherish as they embark on a new journey.

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Fiction Box
Reading a wide range of literature helps to keep our minds sharp and maintain a well-rounded outlook on the world. BlackLIT offers a variety of subscription boxes that will help you keep a fresh supply of reading materials on deck at all times.

Price: $55

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Estelle Colored Glass
Wine Stem Ware Mixed Set
For college grads especially, graduation represents a major life transition. Particularly, it is an end of red solo cups and moving into more elegant and mature glassware. When moving into a new city with an exciting job offer, a refresh on your drink ware might be in order. Estelle Colored Glass is not only Black woman owned but offers a gorgeous assortment of daily wine glasses or celebratory champagne flutes.
Estelle Colored Glass
CE Craft
"Look at You Graduating and Sh*t" Candle
Relaxation after finishing school is beyond necessary. Add in a piece of plucky affirmation and you've got a unique gift gift in the form of a CE Craft candle to help you enjoy the satisfaction of unwinding.

Price: $18

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Because Of Them We Can
Highlight Green Hoodie
Drawing strength from our ancestors is what propels us forward, especially with navigating something as tedious and important as academia. This hoodie—which comes in a multitude of colors— is a reminder of this sentiment that a newly graduated student can rock at all times.

Price: $50

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Terry McMillan
It's OK If You're Clueless
Making a major step in your life like attending college can be exciting and overwhelming. Famed author Terry McMillan offers solace to recently matriculated undergrads who may be unsure about what their next chapter holds.

Price: $16

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Dot.duos Thin Pack
Networking is a crucial skill to capitalize on no matter where you are in life. The technology used with dot. helps to simplify this process. The brand offers tangle card and buttons that can be carried on your person and shared with folks you meet in record time.

Price: $60

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