Everyone needs something to hold onto in today's world. For many, religion is a source of solace and peace in the midst of uncertainty. In the Black community, the church has been a source of freedom and immunity from the dangers of racism and prejudice and has carried the same sense of responsibility up until today.

If you are on social media, you've likely seen snippets of sermons and talks from various religious leaders who deliver a motivational word and affirmations that bring joy and happiness to many. Here are Christian faith-based leaders who are uplifting the masses through their inspirational platforms:

Reverend Mike McClure Jr.

An award-winning gospel artist, Rev. Mike McClure Jr.— known as Pastor Mike Jr.—leads the congregation of Rock City Church as a minister. His enthusiasm and artist has attracted many to his messages of love and healing. This Birmingham-born spiritual leader gained acclaim in 2020 with album Live Free and has continued to be recognized for his ministry and singing.

Sarah Jakes Roberts

Following in the footsteps of her father Bishop T.D. Jakes , Sarah Jakes Roberts has used her life experiences to uplift a new generation of folks looking to put their faith in the teachings of Christianity. As a multifaceted minister and business woman, she not only allows her faith to lead her into different avenues but has redefined what a Christian leader looks like, regardless of gender or background. She has recently taken over Bishop Jakes' Woman Thou Art Loosed conference and transformed it into Woman Evolve movement.

Pastor Michael Todd

Pastor of the infamous Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Michael Todd utilizes his ability to tap into social conversations as a means for contextualizing faith in a more modern tone. His book Crazy Faith has proven to be a blueprint for many seeking to elevate their lives and move through the world with a solid set of beliefs.

Pastor Keion Henderson

Pastor Keion Henderson presides over the The Lighthouse Church & Ministries in Houston, Texas. For more than two decades, he has sought to eliminate cultural divides through his teachings. Prioritizing a methodology of servant leaderhsip, Henderson has been recognized for his efforts both nationally and internationally.

Pastor Candice Marie Benbow

Author of Red Lip Theology, Candace Marie Benbow has made her mark through using a feminist lens to understand and embrace Christianity. This book is the summation of her work as a theologian which is rooted in liberation, self-love and communal reverence.

Pastor D. Danyelle Thomas

D. Danyelle Thomas, dubbed the "Unfit Christian" is on a determined mission to decolonize Christianity and make it inclusive and accessible for all, especially for the "21st century African American Progressive Faith community." Her platform as a pastor, scholar and community leader allows her to dismantle the clutches of misogyny, sexism and anti-Blackness from faith.