When it comes to podcasts by Black women, they are killing the game right now. Through unique takes and careful attention to detail, they have established a blueprint that many are following and continue to push the needle about what it considered trendy in this landscape.

Here are just 6 of the dopest podcasts by Black women that have created safe spaces for their communities—and they are doing it well.

Therapy For Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford works to dispel myths and brings to light major topics impacting Black womanhood through the lens of therapy in this podcast. In speaking with other experts, nuanced perspectives are provided, with the hopes that Black women will consider trying therapy and engaging with healthy mechanisms to protect their mental health.

The Black Girl Bravado

Black girls have always been in a league all of their own. This cast centers the importance of uplifting Black women through conversations about healing and community.

The Stoop

The Stoop offers a variety of stories from perspectives across the Black diaspora and shines light on the diversity within it.

Whoreible Decisions

Hosted by Weezy and Mandii B, Whoreible Decisions is a hilariously raw sex-positive podcast that dives into unadulterated dialogues about kinks, sexuality and the complexities of dating. The two bring on experts and special guests like Keke Palmer to get a range of opinions about differing topics.

Ratchet and Respectable

This podcast exposes the inner musings and thoughts of journalist, cultural critic, and media personality Demetria Lucas as she digests updates within the Black cultural realm.

Nailing It

Talking shop as Black women in the nail salon is one of the most cathartic experiences ever. The girlies of Nailing It bring this energy to their podcast with a bit of British flair as they discuss relationships, odd encounters and friendships.