For the fellas who've been in the gym all these past months, we applaud you—that takes dedication and consistency. You deserve to show off all of your hard work. Not only will mesh tops keep you cool on blistering, hot days but they are a sexy way to flaunt your pecs and biceps. Are you an introvert and less an extrovert and not into wearing them solo? Slip these breezy shirts under a fitted blazer or a super lightweight cardigan and let your muscles subtly peek through for a low key flex.

Whichever way you to choose to wear them, we've gathered 6 mesh tops that are guaranteed to keep you feeling and looking cool this season—all for $50 and under. Get into our selection below.

Boohoo Man
Short Sleeve Boxy Printed Mesh Shirt

Price: $34

Shop at BoohooMan
ASOS Design
Knit Metallic Mesh Long Sleeve Sweater In Bronze

Price: $46

Shop at ASOS
Urban Outfitters
Standard Cloth Mesh Tank Top

Price: $29

Shop at Urban Outfitters
Fashion Nova
We Don't Mesh Cropped Button Up Shirt

Price: $21

Shop at Fashion Nova
Solid Mesh Shirt

Price: $13

Shop at Shein
Mesh Tank Top

Price: $40

Shop at Pacsun

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