A 6-month old girl died early Tuesday, the day after she and her father were shot while he changed her diaper, a source said.

Jonylah Watkins suffered five gunshot wounds when a gunman took aim at her father on a Woodlawn neighborhood street.

Jonathan Watkins was standing on the curb on the 6500 block of South Maryland, using the front passenger seat of a minivan as a changing table, when a gunman emerged unnoticed from a gangway behind him and opened fire, hitting Watkins and his baby.

It was the infant’s second brush with gun violence. Her mother, Judy Watkins, 20, was shot in the knee when she was eight months pregnant with Jonylah, less than three blocks from Monday’s shooting.

On Monday, minutes after the shooting at 12:50 p.m., a police escort cleared the way for the ambulance carrying Jonylah to Comer Children’s Hospital, a measure usually seen only when a police officer is shot.

The Rev. Corey Brooks, acting as a Watkins family spokesman, said Jonylah was shot five times: in her lungs, liver, bowel, leg and shoulder.