In plus size fashion, bloggers have been integral in the advancement of plus size fashion and the expansion of it. So many are helping to break stereotypes, build empires, challenge brands and inspire the masses. Last week, we talked about plus size women making moves in the community. This week, I wanted to share with you the bloggers who are making noise, giving us fashion, educating the brands, and serving us the newness in the blogosphere.

Alissa from Stylish Curves

Based in New York, Alissa brings us the latest in plus size fashion with a business casual twist. When she’s not giving us her outfit posts, she’s delivering the latest in plus size news and hosting Twitter chats. She’s smart and strategic in her content, and definitely making her name known within the community.

Glen from Full Figure Plus

One of the oldest plus size bloggers and one of the only men in the blogging game, Glen brings his 10-year-old blog to plus size readers with industry news, trends and community issues. Glen also shines light on the beauty of the plus size woman with his “Picks of the Week,” a reader-submitted series highlighting the reader and her style.

Chastity from Garner Style

Stylist turned blogger, Chastity brings us her insights, tips, and tricks in plus size fashion. Now located in the South Bay Area in California, Chastity pushes the envelope and challenges the status quo and delivers it up so chicly.

Chante from Everything Curvy and Chic

If you were to check out Chante’s Instagram, you’d be impressed. This personal style blogger brings her sass and style to wildly challenge the stereotypes in plus size fashion. Boldly strutting it out in bikinis, miniskirts and crop tops, Chante’s blog is a source of personal style inspiration. She’s definitely one to watch in the blogging space.

Kim from The Natural Fashionista

Personal style blogger Kim brings her chic and playful fashion to the forefront while delivering some amazing hair inspiration at the same time. In between her daytime job as a teacher, Kim shares attainable fashion while engaging her readers with style tips and tricks.

Ty from Gorgeous in Grey

Based in New York City, Ty’s blog is a lifestyle blog giving us the latest in plus size fashion, beauty and hair. Aptly titled, Ty shows us that grey is the new black, serving us style and beauty features with a perfectly coifed head of grey hair.

—Marie Denee