Instagram has proven to be a place for exploring and stumbling across great personal style and inspiration. In this digital age, finding a plus-size blog that reflects your style is one thing, but to find one that reflects your style and age? That’s another.

Many editorials and websites feature models skewed younger, even in the plus-size world. But there are six ladies who are set on redefining how fashion lives on the other side of 30—with the hashtag #30PlusStyle.

Plus-size personal style bloggers Jeniese (The Jenesaisquoi) Joi (In My Joi), Nefferth (Mode Plus), Delilah (Pump and Studz), Pepper Pretty Plus Pep and Georgette (Grown and Curvy Woman) created this collaboration to challenge, display and inspire plus-size women over 30 with weekly style challenges, inviting readers and fans to follow along. Since its inception, they’ve already tackled spring’s Pantone hues, pastels and tutu skirts.

If you’re a full figured, thirtysomething woman and looking for some style inspiration, then the #30plusstyle hashtag on Instagram is one to check out. You’ll be sure to feel revitalized after scrolling through their fabulous photos.

Let us know: does the #30plusstyle hashtag inspire you over-30 ladies?