Spring represents a renewal in nature and time of rebirth. The shift in energy is the perfect reason to spruce up your home to match the sunnier energy of the season. After months of freezing temperatures and dreary skies, getting your home in top shape and incorporating a few simple design tweaks, that add vibrant color and new textures, can be rejuvenating and serve as a serious mood boost. 

Start with a deep clean to purify and declutter your space. Keeping your environment tidy and organized can provide a mental reset and clarity in the redesign process. Declutter any overflowing closets, categorize unorganized cabinets, clear dust and add storage solutions for anything that doesn’t have a place. Also, be sure to remove anything that is no longer serving you or is no longer aesthetically-pleasing. This practice promotes mental wellness and will enhance the feeling of a ‘fresh-start’.

Now, it’s time to start having some fun with some easy décor updates. Giving your space a new feel, without making any drastic or expensive changes, may seem daunting but it really comes down to appreciating and enhancing what you already have. Interior Stylist and Designer, Angela Belt, walks us through her top six easy and affordable DIY hacks to uplift your home. 

Dust Off Your Patio Furniture 

Image: courtesy of Julius Ferrer

"Now is the time to rinse off that outdoor furniture, bring it out on your front porch or patio and spruce it up with some fun extras" says Belt. "Even the smallest spaces, like this porch from one of my past projects, is enhanced by adding in a slim settee chair, brought to life with patterned outdoor pillows. Adding in color and cheerful details can make a big statement in an outdoor space surrounded by greenery."

Consider A New Table Setting 

Image: courtesy of Chinasa Cooper

Belt exclaims, "I cannot get enough of setting the table, especially for a new season! A quick way to make dining at home feel fresh is to update your table scape for the spring season with textured neutrals." To apply this to your own table, "Simply add in a woven table runner, dishes in pale tones, and lightly-patterned linens to seriously elevate your dinners. If you have company, placing a simple green garnish to each plate works as a cheerful add-on." 

Invest In New Bedding

Image: courtesy of David Land

"I am a firm believer in updating your bedding every season for improved relaxation. It can easily transform the look and mood of your bedroom" shares Belt. "For the spring season, linen bedding is my go-to choice due to the fabric's lightweight and breathable nature. It also feels incredibly luxurious when you go to bed every night."

Have Fun With Color

Image: courtesy of David Land

"In this entryway area" says Belt, "I wanted to make a bold statement so I chose to paint dual pastel hues and color blocked them. Adding vibrancy at the first glimpse of your home energizes the space and makes an immediate impression on guests. Although it looks complex, this color blocking technique is actually easy to implement. Simply, use masking tape or 'painters tape' to create crisp, sharp lines and serve as a divide between the two colors while painting."

Pick Playful New Pillows

Image: courtesy of Chinasa Cooper

"I’m a firm believer in updating neutral furniture by switching up your pillows and linens according to season" explains Belt. "Focus on textiles that feel optimistic, like the pillow assortment pictured here. I selected an airy, bright palette and fun patterns that correlate to springtime."

 Experiment With Bold Wallpaper 

Image: courtesy of Julius Ferrier

"One way to get big impact, with little effort, is applying peel and stick wallpaper to any small nook, like I added to this hallway to create a small office space. Opt for a color similar to the tones of the pieces in the room so the result is an interesting and cohesive space."

Image: courtesy of Julius Ferrer

"Don't be afraid to add some DIY projects to the design refresh, like this wallpaper application" says Belt. "Due to the feel-good nature of the season, you'll feel more motivated to see the project through and you may finally be preparing to have some company come over to entertain."