Saint Patrick's Day, outside of its historical context, is commonly associated with obtaining luck. Aside from wearing green and following time-honored traditions, many take the opportunity to get together en masse and have a merry celebration in their green and gold glory.

Here are some songs about varying degrees of luck to add to your St. Patrick's Day playlist.

"Just My Luck"

Coco Jones

Even when we feel like everything is going right, we can have moments when it all comes crashing down. Coco Jones' song represents going through the motions of this rollercoaster ride.

"Get Lucky"

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell and Nile Rogers

The ultimate feel-good tune, "Get Lucky" is a song that must be played at any St. Patrick's Day party.

"Good Luck Charm"

Jagged Edge

Everyone needs their own good luck charm. This Jagged Edge tune is reminiscent of how a special someone can change the trajectory of one's life.

"Lucky Lucky Me"

Marvin Gaye

Finding someone who makes you feel like you won the lottery is a true joy. Marvin Gaye's "Lucky Lucky Me" perfectly embodies this sentiment.



Occasionally, folks need a reminder of just how lucky they are to have you in their life. H.E.R. is here to serve that reminder.

"If I'm Lucky"

Jason Derulo

Life is all about taking chances and big risks with the hopes that it all works out if we're lucky—just like Derulo's song says.