The resolve to enter the new year better than the previous one is something that many of us aim to do every year. When the clock strikes midnight, we have the expectation of having our own Cinderella moment (the part where she has a major glow up, that is). More than anything, a transformation of this magnitude, at the core, requires us to be confident in our own resolve. 

Little upgrades to our personal style can do wonders to making us feel hype. When we look good, we feel good; and when we feel good, we do our best. Here are some ways you can do this in the new year.

Find Your Super Power(Suit)

In 2012, Amy Cuddy gave a TED Talk about how 'power posing' could improve quality of life by invoking a sense of confidence through lifting your chest, holding your head to the sky and propping your hands on your hips. Power suits can have the same effect. Whether it’s a pinstripe two-piece matching set or a silky wrap dress that fits like a glove, you can never go wrong with a staple outfit that makes you feel like the #boss you are. 

A suit from Christopher John Rogers 009 collection. Image: courtesy of Christopher John Rogers
Ivy Park x Adidas Halls of Ivy suit jacket, $130, Image: courtesy of Adidas

Bring Out Your Inner Shine

With all the winning you're going to do in the new year, a little bit of flashy jewelry like gold nameplates and bedazzled bauble earrings will help you set the standard and remind you of your glory.

Johnny Nelson African Misfit Necklace, $240, Image: courtesy Johnny Nelson NYC
Johnny Nelson Wu-Tang single ring, $175, Image: Johnny Nelson NYC

Stand Tall in Your Shoes

Whether it’s a classy heel or something from Cardi B’s latest collection, stand in your power and walk with pride.

Brother Vellies African Camp Sandals, $1,295, Image: @brothervellies
Cardi B x Reebok Sneakers, $110, Image: courtesy of Reebok

No Matter the Situation, Give Them Face

You are a masterpiece and your face has every right to be adorned as such.  A bold lip can set the tone of any day. The selection of a deep red or dark brown lip can elevate a simple outfit. A graphic liner pattern to highlight your eyes can also express your innermost feelings.

The Lip Bar’s Bawse Lady, a poppin’ Fenty gloss or adding some extra hydration to a regimented skincare routine can set the pace for serving major face, no matter the mood.

The Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick in Lip Bawse, $13, Image: @thelipbar
Fenty Beauty Flyliner in Cuz I'm Black, $22, Image: courtesy of Fenty Beauty
Topicals Faded Brightening & Cleansing Mist, $30, Image: courtesy of Topicals

Smell Like Success

Develop your signature scent and leave your impression wherever you go. Scents bring us to specific moments in time and bring about a certain nostalgia that makes us feel good. Lavender essential oils, body oils from your favorite 'hood supplier, or a luxurious perfume will make you hard to forget.

Chris Collins Harlem Nights, $175, Image: @worldofchriscollins.
Kimberly New York Artsy Eau de Parfum, $75, Image: courtesy of Kimberly New York

Get to the Bag, but Bring Your Own

The only baggage we want to see in 2022 are those with designer labels. Release your self-doubt, take in your excellence and carry on with pride. If you ever need a little extra boost, draw inspo from Black designers like Brandon Blackwood who bet on himself to launch this luxe brand of stunning bags.

Brandon Blackwood Kendrick Trunk in purple terrycloth with gold hardware, $165, Image: Brandon Blackwood's Instagram
CISE "Protect Black People" Vegan Leather Bag, $160, Image: courtesy of CISE