A Georgia teacher was suspended after assigning homework centered around lyrics from rapper Kodak Black. Not only has Black made headlines for projecting his self-hatred onto Black women, particularly those with darker complexions, he’s also an alleged rapist.

Black’s grimy nature aside: his lyrics simply ain’t cool for school. The assignment from the Bethune Middle School teacher was to replace each of the foul words with proper and affirming language. While the homework may have been well-intentioned, one parent was in disbelief after reading the profane, misogynistic and violent content on her child’s assignment.

“I’m reading all these words and I immediately asked her why she had this and she said it was an assignment,” Chrishana Wright told WSBV-Atlanta.

The song lyrics in question are from Black’s verse in “Drowning” by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

“Just bought a brand new chain from Avianne
N**ga with attitude but I ain’t from Compton
Lil Kodak b**ch I’m Polo’d down like Carlton
Sniper Gang I put a n**ga on a carton
I’m the s**t I’m fartin’, I don’t know how to potty
Pull up in a ‘Rari, I’m in the Yo like Gotti
A Boogie, I’m goin Scottie, n**ga drop my deposit
I ain’t Jamaican, b**ch I’m Haitian, but I got them shottas
Harley Davidson every day, I’m ridin’ with the chopper
They hatin’, I know they don’t wanna see a n**ga prosper
I ain’t doing trims, I’m in the cut like I’m a barber
She call me daddy, but I ain’t her motherf**king father”

There’s an enormous likelihood that the youngins’ have probably already been exposed to similar lyrics and are even familiar with Black’s work. But please lady: at least try to protect the children.