We’ve all been there, especially as Black travelers. We get this grand idea to travel with our immediate circle of friends, and days before it’s time to take off, you end up being the only person going. You’re left frustrated, but now also faced with the responsibility of potentially navigating a foreign place all by yourself. That can be both scary and overwhelming. But, it’s time to stop letting failed group trips keep you from seeing the world. That’s where travel clubs and groups come in.

Travel clubs not only provide a means for more Black travelers to get out and see the world with like-minded people, but it also eliminates the chore of having to plan an entire vacation on your own. As you begin mapping out your future bucket list travel destinations, here are some Black-owned travel clubs and groups to consider joining for your trips.

Up in the Air Life

Image: Instagram/@upintheairlife.

Launched by Claire B. Soares in November 2013, Up in the Air Life deems itself as one of the GOATs in the luxury travel planning industry. The brand has grown organically over its nearly 10-year existence, and travelers always come back for more. From luxury cruises around Antarctica to a Crazy Rich Asians-inspired itinerary in Singapore, Soares and her crew know how to plan an unforgettable experience.

En Root Travel

Image: Instagram/@enroottravel.

Founded by friends and Howard University Alums Nicole Sahbaee and Tyshana Richard-Curry, En Root Travel plans and hosts trips for HBCU graduates looking to make a deeper connection with the Diaspora. While the focus is on HBCU alums, all are welcomed to join the group’s trips. The COVID-19 pandemic paused many of the brand’s 2021 plans, but the women are gearing up for several trips in the near future.

This I Do For Me

Image: Instagram/@this_i_do_for_me_podcast.

Chicago-based entrepreneur Robin Joyce Tillotson launched this travel club to give women, over the age of 50, a space to simply enjoy themselves while seeing the world. She often found that women around her age, spent more time doing for others, than actually taking care of self. Yet, many expressed a desire to travel more. To-date, the group has been to over ten destinations, including: Vietnam, Morocco and more.

The Flight Life Group

Image: Instagram/@flightlifegroup.

United States Air Force veteran Kurtis Henry created this travel club in 2014 to provide an outlet for military vets as they transitioned back into civilian life. Henry, who has been to over 50 countries himself, found that travel became a form of therapy for him, and felt that other vets would do the same. The group plans unique itineraries around the world, while leaning heavily on Henry’s connections to local tour operators. Upcoming trips include: Iceland, Peru and Indonesia in 2023.

Love and Light Movement

Image: Instagram/@loveandlightmovement.

Sometimes you just want to treat yourself, and that is exactly what Briana Rice’s group, Love and Light Movement, is all about. This travel club primarily hosts adventures that focus on luxury self-care trips with a focus on healing and mental health through agape love. Think yoga and meditation sessions in the morning before heading out on a picturesque hot air balloon ride in the afternoon.

Live Be Do

Image: Instagram/@live_be_do.

Founder Akeem Tolson simply wants one thing for those who seek a Live Be Do experience— to live life to the fullest. All are welcomed in this inclusive travel group, no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. Like many other travel group founders, Tolson has made meaningful connections with local business owners during his own travels, and further supports them by bringing his groups to their respective businesses.

Peculiar Travel

Image: Instagram/@peculiartravel.

As an educator, Larif Hamm knows the importance of taking a break sometimes. That’s why he launched a yearly retreat for teachers to let their hair down in the summer. The Peculiar Travel School’s Out Retreat will host its third installment June 2023, in Aruba. The multiday trip not only brings lots of fun, but there is also philanthropic work attached. The group also purchases and donates passports to youth in underserved communities.