Nothing screams ringing in the New Year and festive celebrations like popping a nice bottle of bubbly. While the term champagne is typically reserved for sparkling wines produced in the region of Champagne, France— and those produced elsewhere are simply deemed a sparkling wine— we all enjoy living out our champagne and caviar dreams, even when we're on a budget.

Luckily, there's a bubbly for everyone—from the guy who enjoys a dry Brut to the sophisticated palettes that prefer a cuvée. And, the great part of it all, these days you won't necessarily have to fork over your rent money to partake in the finer things in life. American Airlines wine expert and founder of Black Wine Professionals, Julia Coney, recently let us in on some of the best sparkling wine and champagne brands on the market right now. She even added a flavorful Prosecco option—which is made in Italy versus France or other parts of the world, but she says this particular bottle should not be missed.

"My goal as a wine consultant and journalist is to always teach [people] that sparkling wine and champagne are great for the holidays," Coney says. "It goes with a variety of dishes, from savory to sweet, and a bonus is that they are also everyday beverages to have after the holidays, too." 

If you're in need of new champagne brands to try, or you just want to feel fancy while ringing in 2023, here are 7 bubbly brands to check out no matter your budget or taste.


With prices well over $150 a bottle, these high-end bubbly brands are great for special occasions or even as a fun, treat yourself gift.

Cuvée Elisabeth" Brut Rosé Champagne (2009)
This is the most recent release of this amazing rosé champagne. A blend of pinot and chardonnay, this aged champagne is worthy of drinking now, but can actually age a few more years.

Price: $200

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Agrapart L'Avizoise
Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru (2007)
This champagne is for all the chardonnay fans. It has just enough dryness to work with all the salty snacks, and enough texture and weight that will have fried chicken and a shrimp po-boy singing. It truly is a dance on the palate.

Price: $175

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These mid-tier options—just under $100 each— are the perfect gift for loved ones or when hosting events at-home.

Stuyvesant Champagne
Grand Reserve Brut
Marvina Robinson is the brain behind this champagne brand, and that’s a very good thing. Named for her beloved Bedford-Stuyvesant, this variety is a blend of the three main champagne grapes of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay— and will compliment a variety of dishes, but is also good as an apéritif.

Price: $62

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Bisol Cartizze
Prosecco Superiore (2021)
Prosecco can sometimes get a bad rap, that it’s too simple. I highly recommend you grab a bottle of this Prosecco. It is elegant, refined, and bursting with so much flavor. It’s different from a lot of Proseccos on the market, and I’m glad we all get to experience it.

Price: $60

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Moussé Fils
L'Or d’Eugène Perpétuelle Brut Blanc de Noirs Champagne
A master at work in the world of Pinot Meunier grapes. This medium-bodied champagne punches way beyond its price point. I always suggest picking up a few bottles. You will thank me later.

Price: $55

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Even though these options are under $50, it doesn't mean they're skimping on quality.

Raventós i Blanc
"de Nit" Rosé Conca del Riu Anoia (2020)
This Spanish sparkling is exceptionally layered and complex. It’s a great wine that works with a steak or mushroom Bolognese. If a full meal isn’t on your radar, it works with BBQ chips as well.

Price: $24

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Treveri Cellars
Sparkling Syrah Brut
The elegance of Syrah, but made in the sparkling wine method. Yes, it’s rich and dark just like the still version, but the sparkling version adds a lightness to this wine and is sure to wow a myriad of wine drinkers.

Price: $20

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