The world of comedy always needs new, exciting young comedians to bring fresh material to the table to keep audiences howling. And there’s no better place to look for the next comedy headliners than on social platforms like Instagram. It's a great place for budding comics to share and get feedback (the good and the razzing!) on their material before taking it in front of a live audience.

Get ready to get your chuckles on with these seven rising Black funny guys on the comedy scene.

Charles Brockman III 

Content creator Charles Brockman III is here to serve audiences with a blast from the past to make them laugh. Brockman regularly digs up movies and music videos that were staples of our childhoods and pokes fun at them with his witty comedic reenactments. With large audiences on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, Brockman is one rising comic to keep an eye on. 

Jonathan Bynoe 

A prolific content creator, Johnathan Bynoe’s goal is to keep people entertained in new and creative ways online. He knows how to take the little moments in life and turn them into a hysterical, bite-sized video for the masses to enjoy. With over 198,000 followers on his Instagram page, Bynoe is set to keep growing as the days go by. 

Christian Haynes

Comedy YouTuber Christian Haynes knows when to poke fun at Hollywood and its celebrities. Haynes’ humorous skits on popular celebrities like Will Smith and songs like “Black Beatles” have been shared and viewed over a million times. Boasting over 4 million followers on TikTok and YouTube combined, Haynes’ comedy success is poised to grow. 

Sir Glenneth 

Since he started his YouTube account in late 2016, Sir Glenneth has brought his unique experiences and talents to the comedy scene. The Mississippi bartender has found an audience by posting a mix of funny and various drink-mixing videos on his social media accounts. With his special blend of talents and jokes, Sir Glenneth’s Instagram account is one to follow. 

Tim Scott 

Comedian Tim Scott’s hilarious sketches (and wigs!) have probably graced every Instagram user’s feed once or twice. Not only has he been working hard to put out content on his social media accounts to share his talent with the world, but fans can also catch him on standup tours across the United States. Supporters can be sure to watch more of Scott’s jokes and his hairstyles on his 1 million follower Instagram account. 

Josh Johnson

While not technically a “freshman” in the world of comedy, actor and writer Josh Johnson has certainly been getting his time in the spotlight in recent years. Billed as Comedy Central’s “most watched comedian” for his stand-up performances, Johnson boasts an NAACP Award as well as writing credits on talk shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. A regular performer at the Comedy Cellar, Johnson’s newest comedy special debuts this year. 

Dewayne Perkins

Receiving plenty of attention from the comedy industry as of late, Dewayne Perkins’ work promises to bring something new to the table. He’s made appearances on Comedy Central and Netflix specials and has written for acclaimed shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Saved by the Bell (the reboot). Perkins signed with talent agency CAA in early 2023, and audiences can keep up to date with the Emmy-nominated artist’s upcoming projects on his Instagram page.