If you practice yoga regularly, it’s likely that your mat is made of PVC, rubber or a plastic foam. Over time, these type of mats are likely to become smelly, sticky and even start flaking. While you don’t necessarily need a fancy mat, investing in a cork-made alternative is worth it; they are proven to be far superior in quality, toxin-free and generally more durable. This is because natural cork is a durable material harvested from trees (without chopping them down) and is a carbon-free, sustainable alternative to typical plastic equipment. 

They're also versatile. Most cork yoga mats have two usable sides: a non-slip cork surface on the top and cushioned rubber on the other. The cork side is naturally waterproof and antimicrobial, resulting in an incredible grip factor that doesn’t leave behind any lingering bacteria, mold or odors post workout. However, if you do want to practice using the rubber side for non-yoga workouts, you can always flip the mat over. In addition, when it comes to yoga accessories, cork massage tools and support blocks are just as effective as plastic and foam versions. Most importantly, all of your equipment will be renewable, non-toxic and resilient so you can improve your practice while caring for the planet. 

Image: courtesy of 42 Birds

42 Birds “The Robin” Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat $72, 42birds.com

This ultra-light mat is an essential for a heated yoga or pilates class. The sustainable cork is non-slip, no matter how sweaty your hands get, so you won’t get frustrated trying to keep your grip. At 5mm thick, the PVC-free mat has a comfortably dense foam base that will support you in any pose. 

Image: courtesy of Italic

Italic Cork Yoga Wheel $32, italic.com

Although this wheel is designed for yoga enthusiasts, it supports any athletes of all levels by improving your flexibility, reducing tension, and correcting posture. Simply position it under your lower back and roll, lie, and stretch according to what feels best. Using the wheel regularly should improve flexibility and make difficult yoga poses easier over time. 

Image: courtesy of Live Sozy

Live Sozy Cork Support Blocks $22 each, livesozy.com

These dual blocks come in two different sizes to make new postures accessible. Use them to extend, stabilize, open, strengthen, deepen and release. The soft cork won’t put too much pressure on your cranium for headstands and the brands offers a free E-book to show you exactly how to use them correctly. 

Image: courtesy of Gaiam

Gaiam Halfmoon Natural Cork Massage Roller $30 gaiam.com

After a long week of workouts, rolling out tight muscles with a foam roller can relieve pain, release toxins and even improve circulation. This 100% natural cork version is only 6 oz. and slender enough to carry to the gym or yoga studio. To really feel a difference, lean into a wall or the floor to create enough pressure to roll out your back, hips, and leg muscles. 

Image: courtesy of Gurus

Gurus Roots Premium Cork Yoga Mat $119, ilovegurus.com

At 72 inches, this mat provides extra room which is ideal for longer legs. The natural rubber bottom, has more cushion, is lightweight and extremely durable. For every mat sold, Gurus plants a tree in the developing world through a partnership with Trees for the Future, so we can continue to renew this natural source. 

Image: courtesy of Manduka

Manduka Lean Cork Yoga Block $18, manduka.com

As you deepen your practice, blocks can provide a solid, stable base for harder poses. Consider this slim yoga block your travel-buddy as it’s easier to stash in a tote bag or suitcase when you want to take your equipment on the road. 

Image: courtesy of Guud

Guud Peanut Massage Roller $22, guud-products.com

Specifically made in a unique shape to massage your spine, the middle groove of this roller avoids the spine bones to ensure only the surrounding muscles are massaged. It also works well to relieve shoulder, neck, fod, lower leg and mid back pain.