In recent years, devastating wildfires have become alarmingly common in North America. This week, much of New York, and other parts of the country, experience poor air quality from the effects of wildfires in Canada. As a result, large amounts of toxic smoke can drift hundreds of miles from the fire and significantly degrade the air quality index beyond the affected areas. If the hazardous air quality reaches dangerously unhealthy levels, running air purifiers in your home can effectively capture and remove smoke particles, so you can protect your family and breathe easier. 

When smoke is present, all individuals, especially those with pre-existing respiratory illnesses, are especially at risk for potentially fatal lung damage. While staying indoors and wearing N95 masks can help minimize exposure, air purifiers equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and purifying technology can capture chemicals and prevent smoke from infiltrating your home. Not only will the machine drastically remove toxins, chemical irritants, and the smoky smell, it will allow you to continuously monitor how polluted the air quality in your home is. 

To find the optimal device for your space, select a purifier that is appropriately sized, so it will effectively clean and circulate air wherever you place it. Also, running a humidifier simultaneously can help alleviate the dryness and coughing caused by the exposure to smoke. A combination of both machines will provide optimal breathing comfort, especially for individuals with asthma.

Keep reading for our curated list of the 7 top-rated, science-backed air purifiers and humidifiers. 

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A231 Air Purifier
This model is able to capture 99.7% of airborne allergen in rooms up to 1,110 square feet in just 1 hour.

Price: $120

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Air Pro with Tri-Power filter
With a 99.7% particle-capture efficiency, this machine is worth the high price tag.

Price: $715

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My Happi Air Purifier
Equipped with 5-layer technology, this compact device cleans air within 500 square feet.

Price: $149

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Airmega AP-1512HH Purifier
In addition to smoke particles, the device captures viruses, bacteria, pet hair, dust, and other contaminants.

Price: $230

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This award-winning machine hydrates the room up to 500 square feet so you can combat the drying effects of any smoke that has entered your home.

Price: $150

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Air Purifier
It employs a proprietary technology that splits clean air into 2 separate air streams, a method that has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient than traditional purifiers, so you can be certain that clean air is dispersed throughout the entire room (or house).

Price: $110

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Humidifier+Cool Purifier
It contains an advanced catalytic filter that automatically senses, captures, and destroys pollutants, including formaldehyde, gases, odors, and toxic particles.

Price: $1,000

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