A Miami student was arrested last week for reportedly punching his teacher.

After being reprimanded for playing with his food, a 7-year-old allegedly hit his teacher at the Coral Way K-8 Center multiple times. A police report states the first-grader “attacked the teacher by repeatedly punching her on the back” on Thursday. Neither the teacher nor the child is being identified.

Police were called to the scene of the incident and handcuffed the boy. He was then escorted to a hospital to receive a psychiatric evaluation.

His mother, Mercy Alvarez, recorded the ordeal. While some have expressed indignation over the boy’s arrest given his young age, Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Ian Moffett said the department followed proper protocol. He stated the measure was taken to “prevent his erratic and violent behavior from bringing further harm to others or himself.”

This wasn’t the first time police were called because of the elementary schooler. In November, he allegedly kicked a teacher.

According to The Miami Herald, the teacher in Thursday’s incident plans to press charges against the boy.