Christine Chang, the founder of Glow Recipe, the source of natural K-beauty featured this gold-chip pressure point mask on her Instagram this week. The mask, like most Korean masks, is a sheet mask that can be taken out of the package and placed on your face without much mess. The sheet masks are soaked in 15 ampoules ( a big word for a badass no-nonsense serum) per mask pack. But unlike other masks, this brand has fourteen gold chip points at facial pressure points.

When Christine tried the past, it seemed like she isn’t sold on bringing this mask into the Glow Recipe collection, but there was a lot of interest from K-beauty fans. “The gold chips are supposed to stimulate circulation, but will have to research more about this,” said Chang. “It was a very bumpy experience”. If these masks get the Glow Recipe approval, they will pretty much be acupuncture on-the-go. Plus, they are anti-wrinkle, hydrating, and brightening. Here’s to hoping that the K-beauty gawds swing the favor in our direction!