Back-to-school shopping is fun because you're establishing your style for the new year, or at least the semester. From your new clothing choices to your color coordinated supplies and backpacks —the season is one to truly let your style sense shine. However, as the years have changed, the types of vessels that students carry their books in, have changed. For starters, most students don’t have physical books anymore due to digital versions being offered. So, they've now shifted to smaller options that are more of a fashion accessory.

Back in the day, a JanSport backpack was the bag to have at school, even for college kids. It was the one brand that set you a part from everyone. Then, there was that moment where roller bookbags became a thing, because we were all into saving our joints and muscles.

Though some students still carry the traditional backpack, many students have traded them in for large totes and messenger bags. A chic tote or messenger bag screams, 'I’m an adult and in college now', even if you still look like a high school junior.

From backpacks, totes and messenger bags, the EBONY fashion team has rounded up a few options for the 2023-2024 school year. Brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton, to Black-owned Brandon Blackwood, here are 8 backpacks you'll want to rock this school year.

Louis Vuitton
Damier Ebene District PM Messenger Bag

Price: $790

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Training Backpack (32L)

Price: $112

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Marc Jacobs
'The Leather Medium Tote Bag' Tote

Price: $450

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Baby Backpack In Signature Canvas

Price: $495

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Nylon Messenger Bag

Price: $25

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Brandon Blackwood
Everyday Denim Tote Bag

Price: $285

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Logo Rucksack Backpack Nylon with Leather Medium

Price: $705

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Tribeca Tote

Price: $178

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