We all have a few bad beauty habits we need to let go of, and this can be especially problematic during the warmer months. Shake these now, before the heat hits!


1) Forgetting to Wear Sunscreen: Black folks need sun protection too. Just because we have more melanin in our skin doesn’t mean that we aren’t susceptible to sunburn and even skin cancers caused from sun overexposure. Make sure you’re investing in a good sunscreen for your body and face. We love L’Oreal’s new Quick Dry Sheer Finish Spray with SPF 50 for your body. If you’re afraid of white streaks on your face, opt for a moisturizer, foundation or BB cream with SPF protection in it. Iman’s BB Crèmes are light and offer medium to full coverage and come in various shades.

2)Staying Up Too Late: We all know summer equals shorter days and longer nights, which means more time to party. But we must always remember that ample sleep is one of the key recipes to looking good. Lack of rest leads to puffy eyes and dull skin. So hit the bet sometimes!

3) Not Cleaning Your Phone: This one may sound random, but the truth is, your phone carries tons of germs. In the summer, your phone gets hotter and germs survive in moist heat areas. Here’s a tip: clean your phone in the AM and at night with a good cleansing cloth. We love the GoSwype microfiber cleaning cloths, which kill 98% of germs.

4) Skipping Moisturizer: Even though it’s hot, and in some areas, humid, moisturizing your skin in the warmer months should stay atop your beauty to-do list. The air during the summer months can still be drying. If you are apprehensive about wearing a moisturizer, use a lighter formula, or opt for a serum instead during more humid days.

5) Not Switching Up Your Makeup Routine: We can’t wear the same kind of makeup all year around. Invest in your best foundation, blushes and even lipsticks and glosses for summer. If you normally wear a liquid foundation, switch to a matte. If your blushes are more powder based, consider going with a cream or mousse (they’ll make you looking dewy and fresh faced). Play around with glosses and tinted balms to prevent excessive bleeding from lipsticks.

6) Applying Makeup with Dirty Brushes: This isn’t just a summer don’t (but, again, those germs will be POPPING in the heat.) You should always clean your brushes, weekly if possible. You can invest in a good cleanser (like my favorite by Sephora) or use a few drops of facial cleanser or shampoo with lukewarm water in a cup. Swish them around, rinse and pat dry. Lay them out on a clean towel to air dry overnight.

7) Not Cleansing Your Face Before Bed: You’re more likely to have oil and dirt buildup in the warmer months. So even if you don’t wear makeup, you should never skip on cleansing your face before you hit the sack.

8) Squinting in the Sun:  Squinting causes frown lines and wrinkling around the eyes. Invest in a few pairs of sunglasses and never go without on a sunny day.