Ghana with your kids can be an exciting West African adventure full of history and culture. In 2019, the country celebrated the Year of Return, which marked 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were brought to the Americas. Diasporans from all over the world were invited to come home to the Motherland. 

Since then, an increasing number of Black families have been visiting Ghana with their children to help them explore their roots, learn about their heritage, and see for themselves the real Africa seldom accurately depicted in Western media. 

With a diverse landscape home to modern cities like Accra, vast plains, beaches, mountains, and lush rainforests, Ghana boasts a varied terrain and lots for families traveling with kids to explore. If you’ll soon be visiting and need activity recommendations, here are eight things to see and do in Ghana with your kids.

Cape Coast Castle

Visiting this historic structure is a must for all Black families traveling in Ghana. Here, you’ll gain a deeper perspective into the atrocities of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as you retrace the footsteps of the millions of Africans that were brought through Cape Coast Castle while being stolen from their homeland. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the castle is the largest of the buildings containing this history. 

Families touring the structure will see its dungeons, cannons, tower, and Door of No Return, which was the final portal through which the enslaved were taken before being forced onto the ships that would take them to the Americas. The West African Historical Museum housed in the castle displays cultural and historical artifacts including drums, pottery, and various works of art. 

Ghana's Cape Coast Castle. Image: Andrew Molo/ Unsplash.

Labadi Beach

Though there are many scenic beaches along the Ghanaian coastline, Accra’s Labadi Beach is considered by many to be the best. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a beach day with the fam here. Soak up the sun on a horseback ride down the coast. Wade in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Dance to the sounds of local drummers and musicians. Enjoy amazing foods like the kebabs, fish, and jollof rice prepared by vendors. There are also stalls where you can shop for unique souvenirs to take home. 

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

This park, which is located in downtown Accra, was built in honor of Kwame Nkrumah, the revolutionary Africanist who was the first president of Ghana. It serves as a memorial of Nkrumah and his legacy, and also houses the mausoleum in which his body rests. The marble mausoleum was designed to resemble an upside-down sword–a symbol of peace in Akan culture. 

The museum located in the park contains items that belonged to Nkrumah, such as photographs and books he wrote, as well as artifacts showcasing the story of Ghana’s independence. There is also a bronze statue of Nkrumah that stands at the same spot he stood as he declared Ghana’s independence from the British in 1957, making it the first African nation to gain independence from colonial rule.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park (KNMP) is a National Park in, Accra, Ghana. Image: demerzel21/ Getty Images.

Nzulezu Stilt Village

Children of all ages are sure to be amazed at this 400-year-old village built entirely atop stilts. Nzulezu is located in western Ghana, on Lake Tadane. Hundreds of people live in the village, carrying out their daily tasks right there on the lake. The homes are on one side of the waterway, and on the other you’ll find a school, a community center, and other businesses. The surrounding swamp lands are home to a variety of bird species that young birdwatchers can observe and appreciate.  

Black Star Gate

The iconic Black Star Gate has become one of the most recognizable monuments in Ghana, as well as a symbol of African independence. Kwame Nkrumah had the gate erected in honor of Ghana's independence and sovereignty. The gate is topped by the Black Star of Africa, which is also found on the Ghanaian flag. The date “AD 1957” and the words “Freedom and Justice” are inscribed on the gate as a tribute to the country’s date of independence.

Ghana's Black Star gate. Image: Ifeoluwa/ Unsplash.

Wli Waterfalls 

The Wli Waterfalls can be found in eastern Ghana, close to the Togo border. They are the highest falls in West Africa and are said to be the most beautiful, and it's the perfect nature escape while in Ghana with your kids. Locally, they are also referred to as the Agumatsa Falls, which means “allow me to flow.” The lower falls are easily accessible for all via a flat trail. The walk takes you through the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary, where more than 400 butterfly species and 200 bird species live.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

These beautiful and serene gardens are located about 20 miles from Accra, amidst the Akwapim-Togo Range. Due to its elevation, the area enjoys fresher air and cooler temperatures that offer a welcome retreat from the heat. Families will enjoy picnicking or strolling around the scenic grounds, while learning about the many labeled plants and trees. Other attractions located within the gardens include the Tree of Life sculpture, the Rock Garden, Lover’s Lane, the Bush house, the School of Horticulture, and the Aburi Gardens helicopter.

Aburi Botanical garden in Aburi in Eastern region of South Ghana. Image: Fela Sanu/ Getty Images.

Kakum National Park

If your family is seeking adventure in Ghana, Kakum National Park provides just that. The rainforest features the Canopy Walkway, a 350-meter-long bridge that takes walkers to seven different treetop landings. Whether down on the ground exploring trails or venturing up high amongst the trees, kids can feel at one with nature as they view and learn about the different animal species that call the park home. Many of the species are rare or endangered, including the giant bongo antelope, Diana monkey, African elephant, and yellow-backed duiker.