Herman Crisp was just sitting outside, smoking a cigarette, in late September when, he says, Georgetown, Texas, deputies in full SWAT gear approached him with no warning and threw a “flash bang” explosive device at his residence. The explosion, he says, knocked him out of his chair. Then, the 82-year-old claims, officers slammed him to the ground and handcuffed him with such force that he broke his hip, MyFoxAustin reports. The officers had a search warrant pertaining to Crisp’s nephew, who had been staying with him. They searched the elderly man’s home and took him inside but did not call for aid or assistance. His family says they found him the next day lying in his own feces.

“After they left, I tried to get up then because I had to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t go, so I just crawled over here and laid on the floor right down there, and my sister came and called the paramedics, and they came in here,” Crisp told the news station. Crisp’s attorney, Boadus Spivey, slammed the sheriff’s department for carrying out a “conspiracy of silence” regarding his client’s case.