Fan favorite and neighborhood good guy Chance The Rapper was set to debut new music on Monday night’s (Sept. 25) episode of The Late Show, but fans would be shocked to learn just how new the music was. Host Stephen Colbert tweeted that the Daniel Caesar-assisted song was written just two days before! Chance’s latest musical offering didn’t even have a title at the time of the performance, according to a tweet from The Late Show account.

The Chicago MC explained to Colbert prior to the performance how the new song came to be. “I was supposed to do “Grown Ass Kid” tonight and I called you up and said I couldn’t do that anymore for reasons I don’t want to go into [on TV],” he shared. “We had to come up with a song in a matter of days and I wanted to do something fresh. Not to lie, I’ve been in the studio a lot lately, cooking up some yammers. They’re honestly great. I premiered “Angels,” the first song off Coloring Book, here [Late Show] so why not do a new song for you tonight.”

Check out the live performance below, and make sure you give Daniel Caesar’s debut project, Freudian, a shot as well.