Ninety-one-year-old Dorothy Steel is living proof that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

When she was 88, Steel decided to pursue her interest in acting. Last year, the Atlanta resident caught her big break when she was cast as the Merchant Tribal Elder in the Black Panther film.

“If anyone would have told me I would be an actor, I would’ve said you got to be out of your mind,” Steel told WSB-TV.

She received a callback just an hour after sending in her audition tape for the Marvel film.

“We sent it in and an hour later they said, “Who is that old lady? We want her,'” she recalled.

While filming the movie, Steele gained the affections of one actor in particular.

“Chadwick [Boseman] the King. Every day, he would make sure if I was on the set he would come by and make sure he gave me a big ol’ hug and kiss,” she said.

Just like the rest of us who’ve been trying to wish Wakanda into existence, Steel was quite aware the movie was going to be a history-making hit.

“We were one big melting pot of Black people and we knew we were doing something that had never been done before,” the actress explained.

“We have power and it’s time for us to step up and take over. That’s what we have to do and take over,” she added.