The 911 audio from a White Oakland, California woman—dubbed “BBQ Becky”— who called the police on two Black men using a charcoal grill in a park has been made public, KTVU reports.

Jennifer Schulte called the cops on the two men twice April 29,  and in the released recordings, obtained by KTVU, the dispatcher asks Schulte about her mental state and what race she was. The latter was something  Schulte did not want to reveal before the dispatcher told her that cops would not be able to identify her.

“I’d like to report that someone is illegally using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area in Lake Merritt Park near Cleveland Cascade. I’d like it dealt with immediately so that coals don’t burn more children and we have to pay more taxes,” Schulte said in the first call to a male dispatcher.

In the second call that took place two hours later, Schulte spoke to a different dispatcher, a woman, who asked Schulte about the commotion in the background.

“Who’s yelling in the background? Why is the person yelling? To panic over a barbecue? I don’t understand,” the second dispatcher said.

Schulte responded with “I don’t know,” adding that she was being followed by someone, who was identified as Michelle Snider and who recorded the now-viral video. She is the wife of one of the men.

“BBQ Becky” did not want to give her name or race to the dispatcher when asked, saying, “Race doesn’t matter” and giving the dispatcher her a description of her outfit.

“It does matter. How are we going to find you? Just any lady? Are you black or are you white?” the dispatcher asked Schulte.

From KTLU:

Schulte: “It doesn’t matter. I want the police to come I’ve been waiting two hours for them.”

Dispatcher: “How are they going to find you?”

Schulte: “They usually call your cell phone when they’re here.”

Dispatcher: “I’m talking to you right now. Have you ever been to John George?”

Schulte: “What’s John George?”

Dispatcher: “It’s a mental facility.”

Schulte: “No!”

Dispatcher: “Ok, then. Please answer my question. They’re coming to you right now.”

According to a report, police reportedly gave Schulte an evaluation to determine if she needed to be taken into custody to examine her mental state but that “she didn’t fit the criteria.”