Update: The 955 gold miners who were trapped underground for more than a day in South Africa were rescued on Friday. France 24 reports the workers were rescued within a two-hour period. Aside from dehydration and blood pressure, no dire health concerns were reported from the miners as a result of the entrapment.

Original Story: Approximately 955 miners in South Africa have been trapped underground for about 24 hours.

After a storm blew out power on Wednesday night, a mine shaft which transports the workers above ground weren’t able to function according to NBC News. Two shafts were able to have their power cords restored and rescue over 300 people on Wednesday.

“There is no electricity there, so they are using a generator to power the cage to take workers to the surface,” spokesman for The National Union of Mineworkers Livhuwani Mammburu told Reuters on Thursday.

“The problem is they are rescuing one mineworker at a time. It is very slow. It is worrying,” he continued. ‘Some of our members have chronic conditions and they don’t have medication down there.”

While the miners do have water and food, the circumstances have sparked frustration over an emergency plan not having been put in places for such incidents.