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[IN MY LIFETIME] Rep. John Conyers on Why the 1967 Detroit Riot Happened

We salute trailblazing former U.S. Rep. John Conyers, who served in Congress for more than 50 years and died at the age of 90 today, October 27, 2019, as we repost this headline recounting the Detroit Riot of 1967.

[IN MY LIFETIME] Author Niya Brown Matthews on Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison

We are revisiting this article about the first Black female astronaut, Mae Jemison, on the 36th anniversary of the day the first African-American astronaut, Guion S. Bluford Jr., traveled into space, Aug. 30, 1983.

[IN MY LIFETIME] Marian Wright Edelman on the 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing

“I will never forget the murders of the four little girls in Birmingham and the…

Ruby Dee

[In My Lifetime] On Life With Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, two of our most beloved performers, have long been known as…

[In My Lifetime] Col. Merryl Tengesdal Remembers Her First Solo U-2 Flight

Flying solo in a U-2 in 2004 was not the first solo flight for me.…


[In My Lifetime] Tip. “T.I.” Harris and an Inspirational Muhammad Ali Moment

During the summer of 1996, unfortunately, I was waiting to go to bootcamp. But they…

[In My Lifetime] En Vogue Makes NMAAHC History!

When it comes to pop and R&B divas En Vogue, their style is synonymous with their sound. In this edition of “In My Lifetime,” the ladies share their excitement about their dresses being in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.


[In My Lifetime] Wendy Hilliard Remembers Pushing the Doors Open for Black Gymnasts

I was the first Black rhythmic gymnast on a U.S. national team. I made many…

[In My Lifetime] Nadia Lopez on Obama’s Legacy

I was at my girlfriend Thembisa’s house with her and her husband. I was sitting…

[In My Lifetime] Louis Gossett, Jr. Remembers His Big Oscar Win

In 1983, I was sitting next to my son and my agent who had been [representing…