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The No. 1 Issue You Don’t Foresee When Entering a Relationship

Falling for someone may be easy, but maintaining a good relationship is something else. Follow the advice in this revisited October 2016 article to find out what’s at the center of maintaining a healthy union.

What Genuine Love Is …

Does your significant other love you or your accomplishments or what you represent to outsiders? Find out what constitutes real love in this revisited January 2018 article

3 Ways to Survice a Dreaded Holiday Office Party

3 Ways to Survive a Dreaded Holiday Office Party

This revisited December 2017 article lays out ways to reasons and ways to cope at your job’s annual holiday shindig.

5 Tips for Forgiveness repost 11.27.19

5 Steps Toward Forgiveness in Relationships

Forgiving those we love after they’ve hurt us is not always easy to do. Follow the advice in this revisited April 2016 article if you are having trouble doing so.

[IN MY LIFETIME] Author Niya Brown Matthews on Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison

We are revisiting this article about the first Black female astronaut, Mae Jemison, on the 36th anniversary of the day the first African-American astronaut, Guion S. Bluford Jr., traveled into space, Aug. 30, 1983.