As a way to stay warm in frigid temperatures, hot drinks provide comfort when braving the winter elements. Here are what your favorite cold weather drinks might say about you.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a nice alternative to coffee, and gives you the pleasure of enjoying something warm and sweet. If hot chocolate is your favorite winter drink, you're nostalgic of warm moments from childhood and appreciate the subtly of simple things.

Apple Cider

You can enjoy apple cider hot or cold, spiked or not. If this is your go-to during the winter months, you likely enjoy taking scenic trips to orchards or taking hikes in areas with pretty foliage.


Eggnog is the traditional drink of the holidays. If you like egg nog, you're multifaceted and like finding different solutions to one problem.For those looking to mix things up, try coquito, the Puerto Rican version made with vanilla, coconut milk, coconut cream, rum and spices.


There are a gazillion blends of tea to suit different tastes. Tea drinkers are patient; they have to wait for the leaves to fully steep before they can consume their drink.


Opting for a OG drink like coffee gives off #boss vibes. You're a self-starter, know your likes and dislikes and don't like to be kept waiting. The jolt of instant energy that coffee gives allows you to be sociable and find community amongst other coffee drinkers.