A community is in search of answers after a 15-year-old boy in Gulfport, Mississippi was killed by a police, reports WWLTV.

On October 6th, Jaheim McMillan was killed in an officer-involved shooting outside of a Family Dollar. According to the account of authorities, McMillian along with a group of teens, were aiming guns at passing vehicles. The officers approached the group outside of the store and ordered McMillian to put down his gun.

“McMillan did not comply,” said Police Chief Adam Cooper. “McMillan turned both his body and his weapon towards the officer. The officer fired at McMillan.”

Since the shooting took place, the department has not released the body cam footage of the fatal encounter. Surveillance video obtained by protesters allegedly shows that the Gulfport police officer shot McMillan without cause. 

“It clearly shows [McMillan] took three-and-a-half steps from that [Kia Soul], three-and-a-half steps to a death sentence,” said Jacob Blake Sr., whose son, Jacob Blake, was shot by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer in 2020.

The footage, which came from a business across the street from the Family Dollar shows McMillan running from an officer, according to Pastor Carl Soto of Black Lives Matter Restoration Polk and Families United for Justice. 

“Jaheim was running for his life. He was scared,” said Soto. “He was running because the officer jumped out with the gun already pointed at him. The officer started chasing him down and firing his weapon at the same time.”

In the aftermath of McMillian's death, protests, memorials, and social media posts have called for justice and accountability from the police department. McMillian's mother has asked for social media to circulated images of him, along with his body, to bring light to his story as well.

Jaheim McMillan was shot in a police-related incident in Gulfport, Mississippi. His mother shared this image along with a series of others on her social media pages and asked others to share and demand justice for her child. Image: Facebook/ @krystal.muhammad

Jayla Agee, one of McMillian's friends, is still in shock about his untimely passing and said that he had so much to live for after his funeral.

“It was unbelievable because, like, why? Why would you do something like that, especially to a child,” Agee said. “He was only 15, and still had a life ahead of him and you took that away from him, not caring. You just did it carelessly.”

Four other teenagers have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the case.

A funeral service for Jaheim took place on Wednesday, October 26th and was livestreamed on Facebook.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is currently overseeing the investigation.