A non-profit food and nutrition education organization have created a new food pyramid designed to please the Afro-palate. Drawing from traditional dishes from the American South, the Caribbean, South America and Africa, the African-American Food Pyramid was designed to appeal to specifically to Black tastes. The concept comes from the thought that people are more likely to adopt recommendations if they’re put into the context of foods they actually eat. It’s also important to note that the heritage angle encourages people to try new things their ancestors might have eaten and potentially avoid chronic diseases their ancestors never had. It’s no secret that those of the African Diaspora eat differently, having access to a variety of vegetables, meats and fruits, but does are we incapable of interpreting the traditional food pyramid to suit our needs?  Is this a cool new tool in the battle of the bulge or an awkward attempt at cultural relevancy? Will you be giving the African American Food Pyramid a try?