Last week there was a full moon in the royal sign of Leo, about four days before Whitney passed away. In fact, it was nearly six months exactly from her birthday on August 9, smack dab in the middle of the zodiac sign of Leo. In retrospect, it seems so fitting.  She had one last full moon for her.

Whitney Houston is what helped me “get” Leo when I first started learning astrology.  I had read in astrology books that Leos were known for a lot of bluster, pride, dramatics and creativity. I saw some of that in the Leos I knew (and dated—since I seem to draw a lot of them to me as partners), but I certainly didn’t see all or most of those traits in them.

I really didn’t get the essence of  Leo, as I had with others.

That’s until I saw Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” video for the first time.  I had been a Whitney fan since her debut album, and I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that she was a Leo. But I didn’t see what was so Leonine about her. Of course, I didn’t know her personally and her clean-cut, well-crated image at the time didn’t come off as having a lot of bluster or arrogance.  While zoning out during her video, I woke up at the bridge when she belts out, “Aaaand I-I-I-I will alwaaaays love yoooou.” Right then, it hit me that Leo was about having heart.  She was singing that song with her whole self and She. Meant. Every. Word. I don’t know who she was singing that song to in her mind, but it was somebody she loved and it came from a heart that was sincere and deep. Now that was a trait I had come to recognize in all the Leos I knew.  They could “roar” with sincerity and true love.  Hearing Whitney’s melodious bellow taught me more about Leo in one note than I had read in more than a few astrology books.

I will always love her for that…and more.  Rest in peace and royalty, Whitney.

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