Pioneer. Survivor. Rockstar

Tina Turner rightfully took her place as an icon in music and culture. Her courageousness emanated through her lyrics and the life that she lived. Around the world, she will forever be revered as the queen she is.

Below are a few of Turner's most memorable EBONY and JET covers spanning over the past several decades.

EBONY, May 1971

This issue of EBONY highlighted the "Best Dressed Women of 1971," and Tina Turner was certainly that. Aside from her dynamic voice, she possessed a certain charisma that was uncommon for Black female artists at the time. Her energy had a lot to do with how she presented herself and her unique fashion sense, both of which have paved the way for many artists of today across genres.

JET, July 1977

Before her meteoric stardom, Tina Turner came from humble beginnings in Nutbush, Tennessee. The turbulence within her upbringing and marriage birthed an essence of resilience and strength in her that the world has admired. She's noted in interviews that the trials that she overcame in the earliest decades of her life allowed for her to live her most authentic and happiest life in her later years.

JET, November 1978

Newly single and redefining her life, Tina Turner became dedicated to making the newest chapter in the best one yet. She was standing strong in her convictions and the fact that she "paid her dues." She let it be known that shewas ready to shine on her own terms, especially being free from her ex-husband's control over her music, career and livelihood.

JET, December 1982

At 42, Tina was more comfortable in exuding her sexiness more than ever. In this issue, she posed for sexy images that let folks know that she still had it going on. Previously named the "hardest working young lady in show business," she was not letting age get in the way of her hustle.

JET, September 1986

In 1986, Tina Turner released her first autobiography I, Tina: My Life Story. In the book, she bares all—detailing the challenges of her life and putting any rumors to rest about what she experienced in her marriage to Ike Turner. The memoir also included personal passages and reflections from those who knew her well. The basis for this would then become the foundation for What's Love Got To Do With It, the 1993 film about Turner's life starring Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne.

EBONY, September 1996

Embracing her "wildest dreams," Tina was finally in a place where she was at peace with her life. She was in love, thriving in Europe and appreciating the legs that she has become famous for.