In celebration of EBONY's 75th anniversary, EBONY’s Power 100 List returned in all its glory at a gala event that was held at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. The grand event was a celebratory acclamation of Black achievement across industries from business, sports, media, and activism to music and entertainment. The evening was dedicated to those who have had a positive impact on the African-American community, who are game-changers in their respective fields and have consistently challenged the status quo.”

Ahead of the awards ceremony, to delve deeper into the expertise and passions of some of the honorees, EBONY curated “Power Talks, ”a series of in-depth discussions highlighting topics such as innovation, small Black businesses, identity, Black women as business leaders, and more. The EBONY “Power Talks” was designed to inspire and awaken the greatness within our community as we honor our history and anticipate our future as African Americans.

In the “Small Black Businesses” Power Talk, which was sponsored by Verizon, hip hop icon MC Lyte moderated a conversation between Beatrice Dixon, the CEO of The Honey Pot Company and J. Alexander Martin, a co-founder of FUBU .

Dixon, who created the first plant-based feminine products on the market, explained her journey from the idea phase to the level of commitment it took to lead a thriving business. 

“It takes a drive. It takes a religious faith,” she said. “Not in any religion in particular but what I do, this business is like one of my religions. I sleep, eat, and breathe this company.”

Martin, a trailblazer in urban fashion, spoke about how licensing agreements can extend the reach of your business.

“We’re now primarily a licensing company,” he said. “We're using that brand part wisely…. We have everything from bedding, jewelry, bags, underwear, houseware—the works.”

Gleaning from their vast entrepreneurial experiences, Dixon and Martin detailed the pivotal steps of how to launch a business, how to procure funding for a business, when to take on investors and partners, and how to establish a brand while navigating the constant changes of the marketplace.