When it comes to being included in spaces of opportunity, it's often about lack of access and not lack of talent. BPM Music, an independent management and label service company, is changing the pipeline to music industry access for independent artists one step at a time.

Continuing in the company's aims to primarily assist in the development, marketing, distribution and management of untapped artists and their potential, they've added new members to their advisory board alliance. Announced earlier this month, DJs Deorro and Mick, Grammy-winning producers duo Play-N-Skillz and MyGuyMars, and multi-talented rapper and actor Torae were added to BPM Music Group's advisory board.

“With all of the exciting advancements we are making here at BPM Music, I am most proud about how we are pushing the company into the future with innovative solutions. With guidance from our top-tier advisory board, I am confident that we will better the music industry with services that advocate and inspire musicians of all kinds," said Angel "AROCK" Castillo, CEO of BPM Music, in a press release.

The newly elected advisory board members will provide informed guidance through the lens of music industry professionals, bringing a fresh perspective to the artists. Through this alliance, the individuals will also work with BPM Music's subsidiary entities, BPM Supreme and BPM Create, to improve the overall experience of their various platforms while providing a bevy of expansive resources such as a significant streaming library.

BPM Music offers music services for musicians, DJs, producers, and creators BPM Suite's platform of DJ-ready music from over 100 partner record labels. BPM Create holds nearly one million royalty-free sounds for producers. Soon, the company will be home to BPM Sync, a service dedicated to providing royalty-free music to content creators, filmmakers, and videographers.