Bride: Teryn Witherspoon

Groom: Corey Bryant

Wedding Date: 08/29/2013

PhotographerFotos by Fola

Location: Old Courthouse on the Square, Decatur, GA

Makeup: Tori Williams[email protected] 

Hair: Minrell Bowers, A Jewel 4 Sure Hair and Makeup

Dress: H&M


The bride on her special day: 

“We’ve always been a spontaneous couple, and I think our wedding was a reflection of that. We started planning our wedding a little over a week in advance, and I’m still in shock that we were able to pull it off! Initially, we planned on having a destination wedding with close family and friends, but were having a difficult time making big decisions, like deciding on who, where and when… mainly due to my indecisiveness.

“Our premarital counselor advised that we not overthink it and suggested that maybe we should do something more intimate with just the two of us and have a bigger celebration later. It just seemed to make sense. We loved the idea of an intimate wedding that would focus on our love and commitment to each other. A few weeks later, and on a whim, we decided to take the next day off from work to get our marriage license. What’s funny is that the license application asks for the date of your wedding and at that time we had no idea when it would be!

“We just knew we loved each other. We had been together for several years and didn’t want to wait much longer. We had finally settled on doing your typical Justice of the Peace ceremony when I came across the Old Courthouse on the Square in Decatur Georgia while browsing a random wedding website on the Internet. I knew I wanted to walk down the aisle to the song ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay, so we hired an awesome pianist that was willing to learn the song with only a few days’ notice to play at our ceremony.

“We were inspired by the song to use yellow as our wedding color and created a yellow table setting to add more of a personal touch. Our only guests were my mother, the officiant, our photographer, and the pianist. My mom was actually only there to help but ended up walking me down the aisle. Our wedding was simple but perfect for us.”

Their Unique Wedding Style:

“I found my wedding dress two days before our wedding at H&M! I didn’t give much thought to what I would wear that day. I think I obsessed more over hair and makeup than I did the dress. Besides, you make the dress, the dress doesn’t make you. I had been eyeing that dress for a while but couldn’t think of anywhere to wear it. After going in a few stores and not finding anything, I decided to just grab the dress as a backup, thinking that I had one more day and could always return it if I found something better.

“That same evening I found my shoes online, which had to be shipped overnight, and the dress seemed to go perfectly with the shoes! As for advice for brides-to-be, I’d say do what feels right. Whether big and elaborate or small and intimate, to remember that the day is about the union between the two of you. Also, you can save a lot of money by having your wedding on a weekday!”

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