Rapper A$AP Rocky, née Hakim Mayers, has always been unique. While he is most known for his skills as a hip hop artist and in recent years as the paramour of singer Rihanna, whom he also shares a child, the Harlem native has always turned heads with his eclectic fashion sense and styling choices. During Design Week Miami, the entertainer officially announced that he's taking things up a notch with the launch of his new furniture interior design studio, Hommemade.

In an Instagram post, the rapper shared that he was teaming up with Italian furniture manufacturer Gufram for a spin on their signature Cactus. A very limited release, with only 9 pieces of the 'Shroom CACTUS available, the design is inspired by the rapper's appreciation for psychedelic stimulants merged with Gufram's already nonconformist, avant-garde style.

“This is the first collaboration from my Hommemade decor studio, and since I’ve always advocated for mushrooms, it was only right that we made a cactus with them,” A$AP Rocky said in a statement. 

The official unveiling happened during an event at Art Miami. The installation featured the oversized, bright-green cactuses decorated with a ring of multicolored mushrooms around the base. The event was also a celebration of the Italian designer's 50th anniversary of the original release of the plant-inspired piece, which happened in 1972.

"Partnering with @asaprocky has been a dream team," Gufram shared in a post. "He has added his personal mutation to the CACTUS, something never done before."

There hasn't been much information on what exactly we can expect from the new home design and furniture studio, but we can guess that it will certainly push the boundaries as far as interior design norms go—that's just part of the rapper's DNA.