A$AP Rocky Docu-Film 'Stockholm Syndrome' To Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival

A documentary starring A$AP Rocky, neé Rakim Mayers, is slated to debut at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. According to a press release, the film, which is titled Stockholm Syndrome, will highlight the Harlem rapper's rise to fame as well as the circumstances surrounding his 2019 imprisonment in a Swedish jail. Stockholm Syndrome will premiere on June 13 as part of the festival's Juneteenth programming. Though the live showing is already sold out, it can be streamed beginning June 14 via Tribeca at Home.

Details Remain Scarce After Honolulu Police Fatally Shoot Black Man

Lindani Myeni was fatally shot by Honolulu Police in April outside of a suburban home in Hawaii, the New York Times reports. Myeni, who was from South Africa, had recently relocated with his wife, Lindsey Myeni, and their two children. In an interview with the Associated Press, Myeni's widow said they moved to Hawaii three months prior to the shooting in pursuit of diversity and a safe place to raise their children. According to reports, the Honolulu Police have not been exactly forthcoming regarding the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting and have only released snippets of body cam footage. Police say that Meyeni entered a home that was not his and took off his shoes. The resident of the home called 911 and when police arrived, they say Meyeni ignored their commands and attacked them. The shooting has led to protests and an outcry for justice in South Africa.

Sex Trafficking Victim Chrystul Kizer Permitted To Use 'Affirmative Defense' In Homicide Case

Chyrstul Kizer, a 20-year-old Wisconsin woman who is on trial for allegedly shooting Randall Volar III and setting his house on fire in 2018, won on appeal, which will permit her to use an "affirmative defense" in her case, Yahoo News reports. At the time of the shooting, Kizer was 17 years old and Volar, 34. Volar met Kizer when she was just 16 and is alleged to have sexually abused her and other teen girls in the Milwaukee area. Her ability to employ "affirmative defense" means that her defense team can argue that her actions were a “direct result” of human trafficking.

Teyana Taylor Is The Sexiest Woman Alive

Teyana Taylor has topped the Maxim Hot 100 list, which means that the "Wake To Love" singer has earned the title of Sexiest Woman Alive. “I’ve followed Maxim for a long time and I’ve always felt like I should be on the cover,” Taylor told the publication during the cover interview. “So to actually get the call saying they want me on the cover really means a lot. I was like, what? They want me on the cover? Okay!” Taylor is the first Black woman to top the list.