Today, A$AP Rocky announced the launch of Mercer + Prince, his new line of blended Canadian whiskey. The multi-hyphenate music artist, trendsetter, entrepreneur, and soon-to-be dad, is “excited and grateful to finally introduce Mercer + Prince to the world.”

“I have wanted to launch a whiskey for a few years, but it was difficult to find partners willing to innovate to the level I envisioned. Fortunately, I found those partners in Global Brand Equities and E&J Gallo. I have been learning about whiskey from all over the world for the past decade and wanted to defy the rules to create something unique, while honoring and respecting industry traditions,” shares Rocky.

The partnership resulted in a highly versatile spirit, which retails for $29.99, aged over four years in American white oak barrels, and blended in Canada. Upon opening, the user is hit with inviting fruit aromas with sweet brown whiskey undertones that come from the ex-Bourbon barrels used in the aging process. The result is an unparalleled smooth taste that allows the beverage to be easily enjoyed neat, over ice, or in a variety of cocktails.

Known for his fashion prowess and sharp eye for aesthetics, the product design, which started with a napkin sketch, was meant to connect with a new generation of whiskey connoisseurs. The sleek bottle is encased with two cups on either end, giving consumers the opportunity to immediately open the bottle and pour a drink for themselves and a friend. The artistic yet functional design was also designed to stand out on any surface, allowing the bottle to sit vertically or horizontally on a bar or table. Rocky knew he wanted to create something that had a real practicality to it yet was also sleek and pushing the boundaries.

Image: courtesy of Mercer + Prince

In addition to the innovative design, the native New Yorker chose the name "Mercer + Prince" because it represents two of Rocky’s favorite cross streets in New York City which inspire him as an artist and tastemaker. "Standing on that corner, you’re bound to see people from all walks of life with different backgrounds intersect and come together, embodying the zeitgeist of the city’s energy at the intersection of the fashion and cultural spheres,"he shares.

Overall, Rocky wants his Mercer + Prince to reach “the contemporary consumer. It’s smooth in taste, disruptive in packaging and close to my heart in name. It’s accessible to all and appeals to a diverse audience, which was very important to me.”

Mercer + Prince will be available online for pre-release through ReserveBar on March 24th and available in retail stores later this summer.