If you were to lose all recognition of yourself, who would you trust to put the right pieces back together again? That question is the premise of Apple TV+’s newest series Surface.  Actor Stephan James, who plays Baden, is the mysterious aid of Sophie— played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw— as she goes on a quest to regain the memories she lost as a result of a tragic accident. 

James sat down with EBONY correspondent Jenn Rodriguez to discuss Surface and what went into the process of preparing for the role. 

"It was definitely layered. I had in depth conversations of where this character was going to go and what I needed to represent in him. I was able to speak with Narcotics detectives which was incredible to get a gauge of what the reality of a situation like this would look like. It was multifaceted for sure," said James

To watch the interview, check out the clip below:

Surface will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on July 29, 2022.