The 2011 French dramedy "The Intouchables" was a huge hit internationally with Black actor Omar Sy playing the lead role of a young man from the projects asked to be the caregiver of a quadriplegic White aristocrat. An American version of the film is being planned with Paul Feig as the director, but a lead role is yet to be chosen. The Hollywood stir is that Chris Rock, Idris Elba, and Jamie Foxx are all bidding for the lead role that gave Sy the French equivalent of a Best Actor Oscar. 

Along with the three noted actors who want the role, Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams are rumored to be competing for the female lead. With all the commotion over who will get the roles, many have also noted the overt stereotypical aspect of the film. “Driss [the main character] is treated as nothing but a performing monkey (with all the racist associations of such a term), teaching the stuck-up white folk how to get 'down' by replacing Vivaldi with 'Boogie Wonderland' and showing off his moves on the dance floor," said Variety's Jay Weissberg.