Actress Grace Duah stole the scene the moment she hit the screen on the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl, which sadly hasn't been renewed for a third season. After stealing the show midway through season 1, Duah was made a series regular and we couldn't get enough of her.

“Growing up, I often felt completely disconnected from any beauty within myself. I would turn on my TV and I would feel invisible," shares Duah on the lack of representation of dark-skinned girls like herself on the big and small screen. "It's not possible to have a standard that everyone fits into. So as long as we live by these traditional standards people will be left behind.”

Duah feels the importance of publicly defying traditional beauty standards as much as possible so that the door is left as wide open as possible so that we can experience the true limitless beauty the world has to offer. “The way I visualize it, beauty is like an endless flower garden. It flows seemingly to no end, and every flower is different in so many ways, and yet they all shine bright,” shares the melanin-rich star.

Below, Duah gives us a peek into her beauty essentials. Let us know which ones are your favorites.

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