Cuffing season is around the corner now that the summer is coming to an end, and as couples start to prepare for the shut in months, requests to spice things up in the bedroom are pouring in. New sex positions, an introduction of exotic toys and acting out fantasies are always go-to options for switching things up during sex. But adding lubricants into the mix is often an underrated assistant.

Lube can be used in a variety of ways, from enhancing erotic massage to extending intercourse. For the benefit of lovers everywhere, Trojan has recently released a new line of water-based lubricants just in time for cuffing season. I had a chance to speak with Trojan’s group project manager Stephanie Berez about the benefits and features of their new H2O line, and ways couples can incorporate lubricant into their erotic play.

If you’re in the market for ways to spice it up this winter season, continue to read on for an in-depth interview about Trojan’s H2O lubricant.

EBONY: How are the H2O brand lubricants different than the current lubricants Trojan has on the market?

Stephanie Berez: H2O Closer and H2O Sensitive Touch are the first water-based liquid lubricants launched by Trojan Lubricants, which has an existing portfolio of silicone-based Premium Collection and Explore Gel lubricants. Trojan H2O Lubricants are mess- and stain-free.  While other water-based lubricants are gooky and don’t leave you feeling great, H2O Closer and H2O Sensitive Touch vanish after use.

H2O Lubricants contain hyaluronic moisturisers, which hold 1,000x their weight in moisture for advanced lubrication. H2O Closer is an advanced water-based formula designed to mimic her natural lubrication for intense and irresistibly close intimacy. H2O Sensitive Touch is a gentle water-based formula infused with aloe and Vitamin E for the next level of pleasure.

EBONY: In what ways can couples use these lubricants in their sex lives?

Stephanie Berez: More than one third of Americans are incorporating lubricant into their bedroom repertoire to enhance pleasure and comfort. While some people still view lubricants as a solution to a problem, lubricant usage can be a catalyst to better, more pleasurable sex. More than half of Americans agree that lubricants enhance pleasure, and Trojan is helping to change the social norm around lubricant usage.

Couples can use H2O Lubricants to add variety to the bedroom, make sex last longer, and as a foreplay enhancer. Lubricants add smooth, silky and slippery sensations. The different textures ensure that each sexual encounter is new and exciting.

EBONY: How can a male partner persuade his girlfriend/wife to try lubricants if she’s never entertained the idea?

SB: Introducing lubricants into the relationship can be a fun experience for both partners. With a variety of lubricants offered by Trojan, there is something for everyone. Partners can introduce lubes by making it a surprise that hints at what’s to come. Leaving a bottle of lube on your partner’s pillow or nightstand can signal that you’re eager to try new things. Once you have incorporated lube into your bedroom repertoire, agree on secret signals, like wearing your favorite pajama bottoms, to communicate that you’re in the mood.

Couples can also go shopping for lube together to build excitement and to make the decision jointly about which to try. A partner can highlight the benefits of lube, specifically how it increases pleasure. With more than 80 percent of lubricant users believing lubricants increase the pleasure factor and nearly half of Americans agreeing that lubricants make it easier to have an orgasm, lubricants are a bedroom asset.

EBONY: How well do the H2O branded lubricants work for women who have reported previous sensitivities to lubricants?

SB: H2O Lubricants are FDA-regulated products that have undergone safety and toxicology testing. Both products are fragrance and dye free. H2O Sensitive Touch contains vitamin E and aloe vera, ingredients known to be soothing and beneficial to skin. Every woman can try out different lubricants to see what works best for her.

EBONY: What special sensations can users expect to experience when using these lubricants?

SB: H2O Closer is specially designed to mimic her natural (female) lubrication, while H2O Sensitive Touch contains vitamin E and aloe vera. With the right amount of glide provided by lubricant, you and your partner can truly experience all of the sensations of engaging in pleasurable sex.

EBONY: How can the use of lubricant with toys heighten the experience?

SB: H2O Lubricants are not just for partnered sex. These water-based lubricants are compatible with Trojan Vibrations for foreplay or solo play. Lubricants can heighten the experience by enhancing the ease and comfort of using toys.

EBONY: What are the benefits of using lubrication during foreplay and sexual intercourse?

SB: One of the many benefits of lubricant usage is enhanced pleasure for foreplay and sexual intercourse. More than 80 percent of lubricant users believe lubricants increased the pleasure factor, with nearly half of Americans agreeing that lubricants make it easier to have an orgasm.

H2O Lubricants’ long-lasting qualities make it the perfect lubricant for uninterrupted intercourse, and it can also be used during foreplay and partner and solo sex. For great foreplay, stimulate your partner by rubbing lubricant on him or her. Lubricants are great to use in place of massage oil. Lubricant is beneficial to the pleasure of sexual intercourse, with more than half of Americans agreeing that lubricants enhance pleasure.

EBONY: Why is it important for couples to experiment with lubricant?

SB: Life is busy! Whether it is work, kids, errands—there is always something on your mind, which can pose a challenge when you want to be intimate with your partner. Lubricant can serve as a catalyst to focus on the task at hand: pleasurable sex! It can serve as the perfect opportunity to try something new or sometimes just to have sex.

Introducing lubricant is also the quickest way to get some variety in your sex life. It can offer a range of erotic experiences. Lube makes sex last longer. Without lube, even the hottest sexual encounters can become dry as sex progresses.

More than 80 percent of lubricant users believe lubricants increased the pleasure factor, with nearly half of Americans agreeing that lubricants make it easier to have an orgasm. Lubricant is a must-have bedroom accessory for couples looking to have a more fulfilling sex life.

EBONY: What are the features of these new lubricants?

SB: H2O Closer is specifically designed to mimic her natural lubrication, hence the name Closer. It is a natural extension of a woman. Sensitive Touch has infusions of aloe vera and vitamin E. These ingredients are known to be beneficial to the skin. Both lubricants contain hyaluronic moisturiser, which provide lubrication and help retain moisture. Hyaluronic moisturizer holds 1,000x its weight in moisture. The high-water content in combination with a proprietary blend of ingredients is a driving force to make a product that is mess- and stain-free.

Trojan’s H2O line can be found at your local CVs, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and wherever family planning products are sold.