TMZ, the gossip site which gained credibility as a reliable source of celebrity news by being the first to confirm the death of Michael Jackson (but then reported this past March that Lil' Wayne was being read his last rites), has crossed a line from whence there is no coming back.

For reasons unknown, the site interviewed Suge Knight about the "N-word" and who has the right to use it, which led to him commenting that it's more relevant to him than "African American," as he's "not African." In tandem with this clip, TMZ ran a poll of it's readers, asking just what should Black people be called: African American or n*gga. Really. This is a thing that happened.

(For those who are wondering, and we surely hope you won't go give them any additional traffic, the results were 55% in favor of "n*gga" when we checked—and there were some 73,000+ votes. Not terribly surprising, as the comments section most often resembles a cyber-Klan meeting. Post-racial 'Murrica!)

We're done with TMZ and we hope that any self-respecting Black person who ever visited them for gossip or fun or folly or as a guilty pleasure will say the same. There is no coming back, no apology needed, no sensitivity training, nothing.

Bye, TMZ.