The African Union has taken a proactive stance at ending the growing tensions between Sudan and South Sudan by demanding the two to resume talks within two weeks. If both parties refuse to heed the request, the AU has warned that it would issue its own binding rulings if they fail to strike deals on a string of disputes within three months. Accusations are flying left and right, as people are losing their lives in the cross-border fighting between the former civil war foes.

On Tuesday, South Sudan accused Sudan of mounting air raids on the newly independent country's oil-producing border region and heightened concerns of a full-blown conflict between the two nations. The AU's Peace and Security Council (PSC) issued a seven-point roadmap that called on both sides to cease hostilities within 48 hours and called for the "unconditional" withdrawal of troops from disputed areas. With the urging of tranquility from the United Nations, the United States, and other major powers, both sides will hopefully heed the consultations of the African Union, and encourage a cease-fire.