As far as I’m concerned, Afropunk weekend is easily becoming one of the most anticipated times of the year, let alone the summer. If you’re anything like me you marvel at the thought of THAT many Black people—beautiful, beautiful Black people—in one place with the sole purpose of looking good and having a good time.

This being my third year in attendance, I couldn’t help but wonder if and when the event would fall off, becoming one of those over-produced, over-sponsored selfie-fests I’ve had the unfortunate oppotunity of watching other events turning into. Thank God it wasn’t, despite the festival charging admission for the very first time.

Everything I’d missed about Afropunk from last summer was waiting for me with big dashiki-clothed arms open wide and ready to give me a big kente welcome back hug. Scheduled headliners Grace Jones, Kelis, Lenny Kravitz, SZA and Lauryn Hill were all great; the weather was great; the vibes were great. I’m once again looking forward to next year.

These photos by photographer Terrence Jennings rock the house, and yet still only give the glimpsiest of glimpses of the Afropunk experience. Honestly, I have yet to see a photo anywhere that fully captures the colors and vibes. If you find yourself in a position to attend this year’s very first Afropunk Atlanta coming up October 3 and 4, make the pilgrimage.—Aaron Rhodan

Aaron Rhodan is the Senior Producer of, and he sometimes writes when he absolutely has to.