Afropunk is an artful experience where Black music intermingles with a nonconformist attitude. It's a come-as-you-are party, where enthusiasts dress their souls that day—whether influenced by Afro-inspired gods or anarchist divas of the past, like the sister with the paper clip headpiece.

Black Women Photographers is a community of talented female photogs from around the globe, which aims to disrupt the notion that it is difficult to discover Black creatives. The platform seeks to ensure that more Black female photogs are empowered to make the industry as colorful as it can be.

Recently, the visual arts collective teamed with Afropunk to highlight the festival's bad-ass spirit from a woman's point-of-view. Each lenswoman, featured below, captured the captivating, bold choices, striking beauty and authentic love permeating the festival's enthusiasts and performers, in their own sensual way.

Photographer: Megan Sumpton

Cosplayer Kiara Please readies herself for Rico Nasty's Afropunk Festival set. Image: Megan Sumpton
Olu of Earthgang takes in the Afropunk Festival crowd. Image: Megan Sumpton
Afropunk festival goer in a headpiece made of paperclips. Image: Megan Sumpton
Model Ebonee Davis poses for a quick pic backstage. Image: Megan Sumpton

Photographer: Marilyne Mwangi

Performer Smino at Afropunk. Image: Marilyne Mwangi
Performer Tkay in red and black at Afropunk. Image: Marilyne Mwangi
Tems performing at Afropunk. Image: Marilyne Mwangi

Photographer: Chelcea Stowers

Hair as sculptural art. Image: Chelcea Stowers
Chiseled in the form of the African gods. Image: Chelcea Stowers
Like the African princess that she is. Image: Chelcea Stowers
Beaded Black empress. Image: Chelcea Stowers.
Loads of straps and plummage are the perfect pairing for this flight of fancy. Image: Chelcea Stowers

Photographer: Chynna Keys

The gap-toothed singer Amini backstage at Afropunk Atlanta. Image: ©2021 Chynna Keys

Photographer: Essence Ransome-Ambersley

"Atlanta Brejahnia" ©2021 Essence Ransome-Ambersley
A trio of Black female deities in all of their various incarnations. Image: ©2021 Essence Ransome-Ambersley

Photographer: Zyaire Brownlee

CeeLo Green, David Banner and T.I. at Afropunk Atlanta 2021. Image:@spamnokiari
Attention seekers abounded with their trademark flamboyant accents. Image: Zyaire Brownlee

Photographer: Vivica Satterwhite

A colorful display of love. Image: Vivica Satterwhite
Welcome to the Winx club. Image: Vivica Satterwhite
This trio has us green with envy. Image: Vivica Satterwhite

Photographer: Kai Tsehay

Bliss in its purest form. Image: Kai Tsehay
Peace and love. Image: Kai Tsehay
Giggles amongst best friends. Image: Kai Tsehay